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Winter Sports Games Begins This Week
Teams playing in Tip-Off Tournaments may have to edit nights 1 and/or 2 of their tournaments. Here is a quick guide on how to do that in your Coach Tools.
Click here for Tournament Edit Tips.

Winter Sports is Now the Default Season on HSSS
Fans still following Volleyball and Football can find the sites by clicking on the Fall Sports tab on the left of the home page.

Links to the Fall 2022 Regional and State Playoff Brackets
Presented by MaxPreps and the American Dairy Association.
Click here to be Directed to the State Playoff Brackets.

Congratulations to Fall Sectional Winners
High School Sport Stats wishes all schools, teams, and communities moving on to State Final Four's this month. Game dates and opponents' rosters have been updated on schedules and the Scoreboard Previews..

Welcome Fall and Winter 2022-2023 Coaches

Fall and Winder 2022-2023 Sports for Section III are all activated. All coaches can now log on to their pages, and input schedules, and rosters for your teams for 2022-2023. NOTE: when you start your roster inputs, be sure to use the import from previous season feature to roll stats up for your players from last year.

Click Here for Roster Update Instructions.
Click Here for Schedule Creation Instructions for 2022-2023.
Click Here for hints on Uploading your team Photo.

Some schedules were entered by HSSS as they were available. The coaches are now responsible for changes and corrections and updates through the season. Coaches can also import rosters from last season and add new players this year. The site is live and ready for your to do so.

When we move the sports over and activate them, you will not have to re-register. Simply log on with your user name and password from last season, and you will have access to your page for 2022-2023.

New Coaches for 2022-2023: If you are in the HSSS from a previous season in 21-22, you can "Request Access to Another Sport" in your Coach Tools Console and indicate your spring sport choice. Otherwise you will have to register as a new coach and be approved for access.

If you're outside of Section III (NYSPHSAA), and are looking for a season's management website for your Sport, Let HSSS know, and we could host your sport.

Individuals and Businesses in the CNY area: We have opportunities for your business to be seen here on High School Sport Stats. You would be supporting us as we provide this platform to HS teams in Section III and in Section VI. Contact us for more information.

If you have any other questions, please contact Phil Abel from High School Sport Stats

Thank you.

Announcement: 8/8/22

Welcome to Fall 2022

Coaches be sure you are registered as team owners for your sport. When you open your coach tools console, be sure to import your rosters for last year, and edit them for your new seniors and underclassmen.

When your games conclude, putting in your line score by quarters and the final score and clicking "Save" will update your standing and impact seeding for sectionals. Consider using the email features to report your game results and stats to the media.

Parents check out the subscriptions to your team's (and all teams they play) stats reports, notifications when games are postponed, stats are entered, or games are rescheduled. They also are a way to support HSSS and the work that we are doing.

Good luck to all teams and coaches this fall.

Phil and Joe
High School Sport Stats