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Phil Abel

Sales/Sport Coordination


I had a teaching career that spanned 40 years from 1980 to 2020. A graduate of Grove City College and The College at Brockport, I taught high school and college mathematics.

From 1992-2018, I was the seeding coordinator for Section V (NYSPHSAA) Boys' Basketball under Doug Westcott and then Jack Purificato. I developed reporting tools to tract nightly seeding points for the section, the leagues, the divisions within the leagues, and I tracked the nightly basketball results, updated seeding points, gathered team schedules, rosters, and pictures. I also did many ad-hoc reports for the committee as needs arose. I formed strong working relationships with stakeholders and media to aid in the reporting of nightly results. In 1994 we introduced www.sectionvbasketball.com to share all that work with the section online. I also wrote and published tools to share results for Regional and State Championship games for many years.

I have always known that any successful website for sports as a reporting tool had to do several things. It had to be customized to each sport’s seeding schedule and tie-breaking protocols. It had to allow coaches to manage schedules, rosters, game results, post game stats, and communicate with media. It also had to quantify game wins and losses correctly, report standings by class, league, and division, break ties, have 100% accuracy of results for the committees on tournament seeding day, create the tournament brackets, and allow the committees to manage their tournament using tools to post sites and times of games to championships and communicate to everyone.

High School Sport Stats is that website. With the help of Joe Frenia, I am proud of the work that we have done and High School Sport Stats does all of this and more for high school sports.

Joe Frenia

Software Development


I have been working in Software Development for over 20 years. After graduating from Le Moyne College, I have worked in many industries around central NY.

I am an avid sports fan and when I stumbled upon Phil's ad looking for assistance with software development in relation to sports, I jumped at the opportunity to engage my love for software development with my love of sports.

We're constantly looking to improve our offering for high school sports and with the help of my sons, Josh and Tyler, we drive to deliver an easy to use and complete package to high school sport coaches and athletes.


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