CBA Brothers




Westhill Warriors

Westhill High School

9/20/2023 4:30 PM

It was an amazing afternoon of tennis and a hotly contested match as the two undefeated teams clashed in sunny conditions. The difference for CBA was their domination of singles as we took all 3 spots. Our youngsters, almost 30% of our lineup consists of 7th & 8th graders whereas seniors make up less than 20%- let those numbers sink in, fought and retained their poise and remain on top of the League standings.

Singles Results

1st Singles

Doyle, Rowan
Flegel, Julia

2nd Singles

Mancini, Allie
Ramsing, Cadence

3rd Singles

Schaefer, Clare
Delay, Clare

Doubles Results

1st Doubles

Sommers, Meredith
Schaefer, Audrey
Johnson, Isabella
Rogers, Kathleen

2nd Doubles

Kamerviko, Maddie
Powell, Piper
Gumaer, Phoebe
Burkett, Samantha

3rd Doubles

Zdep, Julie
Evans, Madison
Battista, Megan
Balduzzi, Emily

4th Doubles

Fallon, Monica
Ricelli, Katrina
Stanton, Jane
Bagnell, Tatum