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Announcement: 8/8/22

Welcome to Fall 2022

Coaches be sure you are registered as team owners for your sport. When you open your coach tools console, be sure to import your rosters for last year, and edit them for your new seniors and underclassmen.

When your games conclude, putting in your line score by quarters and the final score and clicking "Save" will update your standing and impact seeding for sectionals. Consider using the email features to report your game results and stats to the media.

Parents check out the subscriptions to your team's (and all teams they play) stats reports, notifications when games are postponed, stats are entered, or games are rescheduled. They also are a way to support HSSS and the work that we are doing.

Good luck to all teams and coaches this fall.

Phil and Joe
High School Sport Stats

New Reporting Feature Added

At the request of league chairs, we have added a text box to your score reporting feature on the coach console. After you enter your quarter scoring, and final score, we have added a text box feature where you can write up your scoring summary, or an important note about the game.

This write up will be pushed out to the media when you use our score reporting feature on the website for local or sectional media.

Contact us if you have any questions.


Welcome Section III Girls' Tennis

High School Sport Stats just agreed with the chairman to provide a reporting and seeding website for girls' tennis for Fall 2022.

We are pleased to be doing this for Section III. After many years of another website, we will strive to provide similar functionality and tools for coaches and the media, and there will be a learning curve. We believe that we will have something really special for Section III girls' tennis as both HSSS and the chairman have agreed to work together to get this done.

In the coming days, an email will go out to the coaches for whom we have emails with information on registering for access, entering your schedules and rosters, and match reporting tools are under construction, but we seek to have everything ready for you when your season kicks off.

Phil and Joe
High School Sport Stats