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The Section III Girls' Basketball Brackets

2/17/24: The Section III Girls' Basketball Committee Announces the Sectional Playoff Schedule and Brackets for the 2023-2024 Season.

Class AAA: Class AAA Bracket
Class AA: Class AA Bracket
Class A: Class A Bracket
Class B: Class B Bracket
Class C: Class C Bracket
Class D: Class D Bracket

Follow all game results, stats, final scores reported by the teams, and updated brackets on High School Sport Stats.

Sectional Tournament Seeding 2/17/24 This Saturday

Coaches and Team Owners: The committees will meet this Saturday morning to seed the Sectional Tournament. It is critical that by the end of the evening on Friday 2/16/24 that you have entered all final score for all games on your schedule.

Brackets and Tournament Schedules: The brackets will be released as the committees review and approve them for order, sites, and game times. Watch this space on the website. It will be updated as soon as brackets are turned on.

Missing Game Stats: This would also be a great time to go back through your books and your stats sheets and enter your season's stats for each game. If you have HUDL reporting, you can import your stats for home and away teams at the click of a button. Contact us at HSSS if you need additional information. Your game stats also populate your player's personal profile pages on your roster and follow your underclassmen to next year.

Team Photos: Team photos can be uploaded through your Coach Tools Consoles. It is better to resize them, but not completely necessary. You can always attach them to us in an email, and we will upload them for you.

Good luck to all teams in the Sectional Tournament

The 2024 Section III Tournament Seeding is Saturday 2/17

Brackets and playoff schedules will be released as soon as they are reviewed and approved by the committee this Saturday morning.

Coaches: Be sure to have all of your game scores in and your schedules and results up to date. Putting your final scores in ASAP after game affects the standings and the Bradley Terry Seeding System updates on the HSSS server every 3 minutes.

Coaches: There is still time to go through your scorebooks and get your team stats updated and completed. Remember that every player on your roster has a profile page, and a player's stats will follow them throughout their varsity careers. College coaches are looking.

Once the committee seeds your tournament, schedules are updated, and games are created by HSSS as teams move through the brackets. Your Committee Chairmen have the access in the post-season to help you with your schedules, and any changes should pass through them.
HSSS will follow all teams through Regionals and States and create the games after Sectionals for your players, game stats, and for your families and fans following the website all season.

If you need anything after seeding, contact your committee chairmen, or feel free to reach out ot HSSS.

Sectional Class Rankings

2/1/24: The Bradley-Terry Predictive Seeding Model for the 2024 Girls' Basketball Tournament are applied and displayed in anticipation of the sectional seeding meetings scheduled for Saturday 2/17/24.

All teams' games vs. Section III opponents are considered for this ranking


High School Sport Stats

Coaches: Winter Weather in the Forecast

If winter weather causes your game to be cancelled (PPD), remember that you can use the red calendar feature in your Coach Tools to indicate that the game for that day is cancelled (PPD),

You can use the green calendar tool to reschedule that game as soon as a date and time are determined.

This takes about 2 seconds and communicates to the media and community that your game will not be played. I can also have an impact on fans and families traveling to a game and coaches planning to attend to scout.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to HSSS.

Thank you.

Section III Winter Sport Team Photo

Adding your team photo to your team page on High School Sport Stats really takes viewing your page by the team, the parents, and the public who follow your page, a better experience.

If you have your team photo taken with your players in their team uniform with numbers visible, please post on your page through your coach tools console. For best results, resize your team photo to 800 pixels wide. Also, your photo should be saved in .jpg, .gif, or .png formats for the best results.

If you would like to email them to HSSS and we will load them for you, please email them to

2024 - Happy New Year Everyone

It's almost January and a return to play as the season moves to tournament week, and toward January and the 2nd half of the season.

Coaches and Team Owners: If you need assistance editing night #2 of a tournament or adding a team added to the non-section opponents list, feel free to email HSSS at

Coaches and Team Owners: This would be a great week to update your schedules and stats for your players and get caught up from December. Entering your stats will update all scoring information for your players in the database as well as their player profiles. It's a good week to check your schedules for accuracy.

Coaches and Team Owners: This would be a great week to post your team photo to your Coach Console and team page. The new console makes it even easier. If you would like some help and have HSSS upload your photo feel free to email it to HSSS at

Adding stats and your team photo are small things but work to make HSSS the premier world-class HS sports management website anywhere. It's fantastic for your players, their families, and the community. NOTE: On 2/1/23, sports using the Bradley-Terry Model for seeding will have access to the BTM. Having all scores will be very important since the rating take in to account every game played vs. your opponents and their schedules.

Players, Families, and Fans. High School Sport Stats provides the coach or their designee with the tools to report each game and enter game stats. If your team is behind in either category, reach out to your coaches and ask that they get caught up. HSSS is here to help them do just that.

New Coach Tools Console Update 12/6/23:

The new Coach Tools Console is now the default Console. The old console will be available. Your league chairs will be notified if and when the old console will be retired. Check it out.

Coaches: Note that schedules were entered by HSSS in October, and there have been a few changes in dates, times, and neutral sites. It's now up to coaches to manage changes. Take a moment in the coming days to check for schedule changes and make corrections. Contact HSSS if you have any questions.

New Coach Tools Console

For 2023-2024, HSSS has launched a new Coach Tools Console. There are new efficiencies built into it. Coaches are welcome to check it out and to use it. Both consoles will work simultaneously going forward.

You can access the new console at New Coach Tools Console.

Basketball Coaches: When entering game stats in the new Coach Tools Console, we have made a change that you don't have to check the DNP (Did Not Play) for players. We have defaulted the boxes that you would uncheck the players who played. Click Here for the Description.

Detailed Standings

Team Section Record BTM Ranking
1 Liverpool 15-0 0.997
2 Cicero-North Syracuse 14-1 0.987
3 Bishop Ludden 17-2 0.974
4 Baldwinsville 13-4 0.876
5 Rome Free Academy 13-7 0.777
6 Henninger 10-10 0.762
7 Syracuse West 7-13 0.417
8 Utica Proctor** 1-16 0.323

** Team has opted out of sectional play

Team Section Record BTM Ranking
1 Central Square 13-3 0.873
2 Fulton 10-10 0.741
3 CBA 9-10 0.730
4 West Genesee 9-10 0.729
5 Fayetteville-Manlius 7-11 0.717
6 Auburn 9-9 0.705
7 Whitesboro 8-12 0.617
8 Oswego 6-14 0.591
9 East Syracuse Minoa 3-16 0.558
10 Nottingham 3-15 0.555
11 Watertown 6-13 0.520

Team Section Record BTM Ranking
1 Indian River 21-1 0.959
2 Cortland 16-1 0.949
3 Oneida 16-3 0.857
4 Westhill 13-7 0.799
5 Central Valley Academy 12-7 0.754
6 Jamesville-Dewitt 8-10 0.740
7 Mexico 12-5 0.727
8 New Hartford 12-9 0.715
9 South Jefferson 10-8 0.700
10 V.V.S. 7-12 0.471
11 Homer 4-12 0.396
12 Chittenango 3-16 0.360
13 Carthage** 4-15 0.298
14 Camden** 3-17 0.218

** Team has opted out of sectional play

Team Section Record BTM Ranking
1 Utica-Notre Dame 17-3 0.947
2 General Brown 15-4 0.938
3 Marcellus 18-2 0.912
4 Phoenix 17-4 0.828
5 Little Falls 19-2 0.778
6 Bishop Grimes 11-8 0.737
7 Jordan-Elbridge 12-6 0.687
8 Syracuse Academy of Science 10-9 0.645
9 Skaneateles 11-9 0.633
10 Holland Patent 10-9 0.606
11 Lowville 9-11 0.601
12 Sherburne-Earlville 11-5 0.537
13 Herkimer 10-9 0.534
14 Clinton 9-11 0.471
15 Canastota 12-9 0.420
16 Cazenovia** 5-15 0.347
17 Hannibal 4-14 0.334
18 Adirondack 4-16 0.307
19 Solvay** 3-17 0.153
20 APW** 6-13 0.123
21 Pulaski 2-18 0.081

** Team has opted out of sectional play

Team Section Record BTM Ranking
1 West Canada Valley 22-0 0.835
2 Hamilton 21-2 0.811
3 Westmoreland 16-5 0.618
4 Weedsport 17-1 0.605
5 Cooperstown 11-5 0.571
6 Dolgeville 15-6 0.542
7 Mt. Markham 9-11 0.411
8 Tully 14-4 0.399
9 Frankfort-Schuyler 10-9 0.388
10 LaFayette 10-10 0.382
11 Port Byron 11-8 0.372
12 Cato-Meridian 10-7 0.345
13 Sauquoit Valley 10-10 0.299
14 Sandy Creek 12-7 0.272
15 Waterville 3-16 0.256
16 Oriskany 6-14 0.211
17 Onondaga 8-11 0.206
18 Thousand Islands 6-12 0.163
19 Beaver River** 3-11 0.129
20 Utica Academy of Science** 4-15 0.080
21 Fabius-Pompey 7-13 0.064
22 Morrisville-Eaton** 2-18 0.031

** Team has opted out of sectional play

Team Section Record BTM Ranking
1 Watertown IHC 8-9 0.595
2 LaFargeville 15-2 0.400
3 Sackets Harbor 13-4 0.316
4 Poland 6-14 0.266
5 Copenhagen 13-8 0.240
6 Alexandria 8-10 0.178
7 Madison 13-6 0.148
8 Belleville-Henderson 6-12 0.140
9 Lyme 3-14 0.109
10 Stockbridge Valley 7-10 0.038
11 McGraw 6-9 0.037
12 Cincinnatus** 5-12 0.029
13 Otselic Valley** 1-15 0.008

** Team has opted out of sectional play