2020-21 SEASON

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Softball Preview
Utica-Notre Dame (2-4)
Central Valley Academy (2-4) 4:00

Softball Preview
Otselic Valley (1-3)
Brookfield (2-3) 4:30

Softball Preview
Stockbridge Valley (5-0)
McGraw (3-0) 4:30

Softball Preview
Sherburne-Earlville (0-2) 4:30 PM

Softball Preview
West Canada Valley (1-3)
Dolgeville (0-1) 4:30 PM

Softball Preview
Cincinnatus (0-5)
Tully (0-4) 4:30 PM

Softball Preview
Cincinnatus (0-5)
Tully (0-4) 4:30 PM

Softball Preview
DeRuyter (3-2)
Madison (1-3) 4:30 PM

Softball Preview
Liverpool (3-3)
Cicero-North Syracuse (5-0) 4:30 PM

Softball Preview
Camden (5-1)
Whitesboro (5-1) 4:30 PM

Softball Preview
Oneida (6-2)
New Hartford (1-3) 4:30PM

Softball Preview
Skaneateles (5-2)
Phoenix (0-5) 5:00 PM

Softball Preview
Syracuse City School District (1-3)
Central Square (0-1) 5:00 PM

Softball Preview
APW (2-4)
CBA (2-2) 5:00 PM

Softball Preview
Mexico (2-4)
Westhill (4-2) 5:00 PM

Softball Preview
Hannibal (0-4)
Solvay (0-5) 5:30 PM

Softball Preview
Carthage (3-3)
Thousand Islands (6-1) 5:30 PM

Softball Box Score
Port Byron 6
Weedsport 3

Softball Box Score
Rome Free Academy 6
Oneida 8

Softball Box Score
South Lewis 7
Beaver River 4

Softball Box Score
DeRuyter 22
Cincinnatus 7

Softball Box Score
DeRuyter 22
Cincinnatus 7

Softball Preview
Westmoreland (3-0)
Adirondack (1-1) CANCELLED

Softball Box Score
Poland 12
Morrisville-Eaton 1

Softball Box Score
Bishop Ludden 19
Tully 2

Softball Box Score
Onondaga 18
Cato-Meridian 2

Softball Box Score
Sandy Creek 12
General Brown 6

Softball Box Score
Sackets Harbor 7
Belleville-Henderson 4

Softball Preview
LaFargeville (1-5)
Copenhagen (0-7) 4:30 PM

Softball Box Score
Central Valley Academy 10
Camden 11

Softball Preview
Utica Proctor (0-6)
New Hartford (1-3) 4:30PM

Softball Box Score
Whitesboro 7
Utica-Notre Dame 4

Softball Box Score
Fabius-Pompey 1
Pulaski 6

Softball Preview
LaFayette (0-0)
Weedsport (3-5) CANCELLED

Softball Box Score
Cooperstown 5
Sauquoit Valley 0

Softball Box Score
Lowville 7
South Jefferson 13

Softball Box Score
Alex Bay 3
Lyme 5

Softball Box Score
Chittenango 0
Marcellus 1

Softball Box Score
Solvay 13
Homer 24

Softball Box Score
Hannibal 1
APW 17

Softball Box Score
Waterville 2
Oriskany 12

Softball Box Score
Canastota 18
Clinton 1

Softball Preview
Mt. Markham (3-1)
Sherburne-Earlville (0-2) 5:00 PM

Softball Box Score
McGraw 16
Madison 6

Softball Box Score
Cortland 15
Oswego 3

Softball Box Score
Westhill 8
East Syracuse Minoa 13

Softball Box Score
West Genesee 1
Baldwinsville 16

Softball Box Score
Liverpool 5
Fayetteville-Manlius 0

Softball Box Score
Jamesville-Dewitt 26
Fulton 0

Softball Box Score
Little Falls 0
Holland Patent 24

Week #3 Comes to a Close and the Weather Improves and the 1/2 Way Point in the Season

As week three comes to a close, we reach the 1/2 way point in the 2021 spring season. Coaches are encouraged to begin to be sure that games that were scheduled to this point have been resolved with scores, scores and stats, or a cancelled indicated if ppd for weather.

We have set a new page in the Links page on the website. Check out how to enter your score, click the Final box, and be sure to click Save. This will advance your team through seeding and update your records in the standings. Additions will be made to this page in the coming days and weeks.

HSSS is scheduling a "Mock" seeding with your committee chairman for the week before your seeding in June. Keeping up with games reporting will allow that Mock Seeding to be a significant exercise for your chairman. We will be ready for your seeding in June, and then we can focus on first round seeding, sites, and times for games.

On May 10th HSSS and the Section III Executive entered in to an agreement to provide your sport's websites to any sport and any sport committee that would use it through 2024. We are pleased to be with you.


Tips and Handbook Pages for Coaches and Administrators

In the past year, we have created "cheat sheets" with tips and explanations for coaches on how to use the website and take advantage of some of the features built in.

These docs were located in the FAQ section of your Coach Tools.

As the site has evolved, so has the need to rework a few of the documents. As we do, we are posting them on a new page. Access to that page is now in the Links on the main menu bar. So for a while between your FAQ's and the documents we will post on this new page, if you need or would like to see anything posted, feel free to reach out.


Week #2 of the Spring Season Ends

The weather is getting better and that's great news for all spring sports working with HSSS. It's our first spring season in Section III, and we hope that we can provide a great experience for high school teams, parents, and fans of Section III Softball

Section III Softball and the Chairmen are doing a great job posting game results. Teams can enter rosters and stats, and edit any changes or errors at any time. The website will be a major part of seeding and scheduling the post season. As we near the 1/2 way point this next week, encourage teams to be sure their game scores and schedules are accurate and up to date.

Team Photos will be being taken. Instructions on uploading a team photo (also to be used for sectional programs), will be sent to your league chairmen today (Sunday May 9, 2021). Posting a photo will allow the program coordinators to go to your team page and capture the photo as they need it.

HSSS stats wishes a Happy Mother's day to all the Softball moms in Section III. Have a great week #3 and good luck to all teams in the coming days.


Week #1 of the Spring 2021 Season is at it's End.

Coaches: Be sure to register to gain access to your team page. Put your schedules and rosters online. Entering your game results and game stats as soon as you can after a game is optimal. HSSS will become the central source for your athletes, your parents, fans, the media and recruiters watching your players' progress.

HSSS is working hard with your chairmen to get your pages just the way you want them. Entering your stats will help committees select all-star teams at the end of the season, and give coaches access to the Stats Report at the end of the season for your team. All records and stats will be archived in to the future.

Note: Canceling a game on your schedule for weather related reasons or any reason is as simple as going to your schedule on your Coach Tools and choosing "Cancel". That process takes 10 seconds, and can be very important to parents and fans following your team. When the game is rescheduled for another day and time, use the "Reschedule" click on your Schedule page. The game will be moved and noted that is was rescheduled from its original date.

Be sure to take a moment and be caught up with your reporting. This site will be a very important tool for the committee at seeding in June.

High School Sport Stats

Announcing a New Feature for HSSS for Teams, Fans, and the Media:

Love Statistics?

HSSS is offering a way to take a season's stats and created personal "Dashboards" in the display of statistics for each team.
Choose a stat and display that stat as circle graphs, line graphs, bar graphs, and data tables.
Simply "Register to subscribe to notifications and purchase dashboards!" and once you register, you will receive instructions on how to register for a sport for season.
The cost is $20 per season to create a dashboard that can be applied to all teams in the section. Open two windows, and you can side-by-side compare teams.
Support HSSS as we continue to provide season management websites to the sports in your section.
HSSS is working on updates to the features of this offering all the time.

More information about Dashboard can be found here: Click Here.

Thank you, and Enjoy!
Phil and Joe

Notifications for Parents, Family and Fans, and the media:

Signing up for Notifications via Email or your Device

HSSS is offering an interface with your student-athlete's sport each season.
For $1.99/month on a PayPal account, you can be instantly notified when changes are made to a team page by a coach or by the school.

  • A game is canceled due to weather or other factor
  • A game or game time is changed or rescheduled
  • The coach posts a team announcement
  • Game scores are posted. Game Stats are posted.

  • Rather than having to return to the website and refresh screens, you will know when changes have been posted.

    Note: no information is ever posted behind a paywall. All information is available through HSSS all the time. Notifications are a convenience we are offering that keep you right in touch with your student-athlete's team and schedule.

    More information about Notifications can be found here: Click Here.

    Thank you, and Enjoy!
    Phil and Joe

    Welcome to Section III Softball

    This will be the home of the Official Website for Section III Softball for the 2021 Season. HSSS welcomes Chairman Jeff Cantor the committee, the coaches, players, parents, and fans of Section III Softball.

    The coaches will be invited to register and submit their schedules and rosters at this time. Starting with your first games in 2021, the site will be populating game results and player statistics leading to the sectional playoffs. It will be up to each coach to post the game score and stats after each game. If you notice that your team page is not populared, contact your coach, or HSSS in the Contact line here on the main menu.

    Section III will hold a post-season sectional tournament in the spring of 2021. HSSS was designed to use the seeding system and tie-breaking protocols to automatically populate the playoffs and communicate that to the sectional chainman in advance of the tournament. Keeping your page up-to-date will ensure accuracy for the committee on seeding day.

    HSSS will be working with Section III to keep the records and playoff points accurate by applying the mathematics and the logic behind the seeding system in our reporting. Please enjoy the site as we are in our inaugural season.

    Phil and Joe

    View Detailed Standings

    Team Seeding Record Seeding Avg
    1 Cicero-North Syracuse* 5-0 1.000
    2 Baldwinsville* 4-2 0.667
    2 Rome Free Academy* 4-2 0.667
    4 Fayetteville-Manlius* 3-3 0.500
    4 Liverpool* 3-3 0.500
    6 Syracuse City School District 1-3 0.250
    7 West Genesee 1-6 0.143
    8 Utica Proctor 0-6 0.000

    Team Seeding Record Seeding Avg
    1 Jamesville-Dewitt* 7-0 1.000
    2 Chittenango* 8-1 0.889
    3 Auburn* 5-1 0.833
    3 Whitesboro* 5-1 0.833
    5 East Syracuse Minoa* 4-3 0.571
    6 Carthage* 3-3 0.500
    6 CBA* 2-2 0.500
    8 Fulton* 2-5 0.286
    9 New Hartford 1-3 0.250
    10 Cortland 1-5 0.167
    11 Central Square 0-1 0.000
    11 Indian River 0-2 0.000
    11 Oswego 0-4 0.000
    11 Watertown 0-0 0.000

    Team Seeding Record Seeding Avg
    1 Marcellus* 6-0 1.000
    1 Holland Patent* 4-0 1.000
    3 General Brown* 6-1 0.857
    3 Jordan-Elbridge* 6-1 0.857
    3 South Jefferson* 6-1 0.857
    6 Camden* 5-1 0.833
    7 Oneida* 6-2 0.750
    7 Mt. Markham* 3-1 0.750
    9 Onondaga* 5-2 0.714
    9 Skaneateles* 5-2 0.714
    11 Cazenovia* 4-2 0.667
    11 Westhill* 4-2 0.667
    13 Canastota* 5-4 0.556
    14 APW* 2-4 0.333
    14 Central Valley Academy 2-4 0.333
    14 Mexico* 2-4 0.333
    17 V.V.S. 1-3 0.250
    18 Homer 2-7 0.222
    19 Little Falls 1-4 0.200
    20 Clinton 0-6 0.000
    20 Hannibal 0-4 0.000
    20 Lowville 0-5 0.000
    20 Phoenix 0-5 0.000
    20 Sherburne-Earlville 0-2 0.000
    20 Solvay 0-5 0.000

    Team Seeding Record Seeding Avg
    1 Cooperstown* 4-0 1.000
    1 McGraw* 3-0 1.000
    1 Oriskany* 3-0 1.000
    1 Westmoreland* 3-0 1.000
    5 Thousand Islands* 6-1 0.857
    6 Pulaski* 4-1 0.800
    7 Bishop Ludden* 3-1 0.750
    7 Sandy Creek* 3-1 0.750
    9 Port Byron* 5-2 0.714
    10 South Lewis* 6-3 0.667
    10 Waterville* 4-2 0.667
    12 Fabius-Pompey* 3-2 0.600
    13 Adirondack* 1-1 0.500
    14 Weedsport* 3-5 0.375
    15 Utica-Notre Dame* 2-4 0.333
    16 West Canada Valley 1-3 0.250
    17 Morrisville-Eaton 1-4 0.200
    17 Sauquoit Valley 1-4 0.200
    19 Beaver River 0-4 0.000
    19 Cato-Meridian 0-6 0.000
    19 Dolgeville 0-1 0.000
    19 Frankfort-Schuyler 0-0 0.000
    19 Herkimer 0-1 0.000
    19 Tully 0-4 0.000

    Team Seeding Record Seeding Avg
    1 Stockbridge Valley* 5-0 1.000
    1 Hamilton* 3-0 1.000
    3 Alex Bay* 4-1 0.800
    3 Lyme* 4-1 0.800
    5 DeRuyter* 3-2 0.600
    6 Poland* 2-2 0.500
    7 Belleville-Henderson* 2-3 0.400
    7 Brookfield* 2-3 0.400
    9 Sackets Harbor* 3-5 0.375
    10 Madison* 1-3 0.250
    10 Otselic Valley 1-3 0.250
    12 LaFargeville 1-5 0.167
    13 Cincinnatus 0-5 0.000
    13 Copenhagen 0-7 0.000
    13 New York Mills 0-0 0.000
    13 Old Forge 0-2 0.000
    13 Remsen 0-0 0.000